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Why an Esthetician? 

Ali has always been a nurturing, humble and gregarious soul. After graduating from her Master Esthetics program in June, 2019, she knew this was the destined path to partake upon. At 4 years of age, becoming an artist and a nurse in the 6th grade were her passions. Not only drawing, but anything aesthetically pleasing and inspiring. Also, the thought of being the first to care for and encourage my clients makes me happy. These two qualities combined creates an aspiring esthetician. 

Ali’s esthetics career officially starts at Otani’s Nail Salon in August, 2019. Her long term goal is to open and operate a beauty bar in Charleston and or New York. She would be performing hydro/electro facials, reflexology, Botox, fillers and other modalities with her RN. The short term goal is to educate and aid as many clients as she can before her next adventure.

Beauty, Travel, Entrepreneurship

Outside of the salon, providing a relaxing and satisfying ambiance for her wonderful clients, Alizay is traveling and indulging herself in the brillant beauty of the world. A few older hobbies, being reintroduced are painting, travel blogging, writing and social media marketing.