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Meet the CEO 

Alizay Hickson, 

has been in the esthetics industry since 2018; specializing in customized facials, body waxing and massages. Graduated from Clover Park Tech after completing 1200 hours of course training and being inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. She is actively licensed in two states, WA & SC, but currently located in Columbia on Two Notch Rd. 

Touch Esthetics main purpose is to teach and prioritize the importance of skincare to as many clients as possible, especially in the ethnic community. Her motto is: "Your health shows from the inside out and everything you know should be examined past the surface level or "skin deep." 

Her company's intentions are to be the top treatment spa in S.C, while building a solid, profitable platform to help other small companies grow into their full potential. The atmosphere is created to be a serene, calm and welcoming "escape" from your daily responsibilities and those long stressful days! 

Ali's Quotes: 

"This is the year full of healthy choices and personal inner healing."

"We are no longer holding on to people, energies, or situations that keep us stagnant, overly emotional, confused and out of alignment."

"Self-love is NOT selfish and you are worthy of more!"

"It's time to set those boundaries, set yourself free from mental bondage and tend to YOU first."

"When you are passionate about your life purpose, it shows in your work!" I am extremely grateful for all the love, support and investments shown towards my business and I. You did not plant your seed in vain. Thank you!" 

"Well, if you would excuse me, I have a Queendom to build and a soul tribe to attend to!"

~ Alizay Hickson, The CEO