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Body Treatments

Full Body Massage    


Long day at the ​office? Always on your feet and never realized how tense your shoulders were until now? Book a massage!!  Releasing muscle tension reduces stress and fatigue. 


- Reduces cellulose 

- Increases blood circulation

- Increases lymphatic drainage

- Promotes healing, relaxation and meditation. 

- Reduces anxiety, stress, muscle tension and pain. 


- Body Steaming 

- Full Body Massage  

- Aromatherapy 

- Post Products 

- Hot stones + $10 


Body Contouring

Coming soon

Wanting to lose a few inches, but without surgery? Having your desired body is easier and more affordable than you think!! Body Contouring is a non surgical, body sculpting service that uses a cavitation tool to reduce on average 3 to 15 inches!! 


- Reduces celulitis - Reduces belly fat and love handles 

- Gives you more love and confidence in your body! 

- It’s NONSURGICAL!! Which means there is no healing time


- Pre Products

- Body Sculpting 

- Guaranteed results after ONE treatment.

- Manual for aftercare and tips on how to maintain your shape. 

- Post Products 

Yoni Steaming

Coming soon

You ever wanted to relax and release your entire body from the inside out? Introducing the ultimate new age steaming. 


- Promotes healing and relaxation 

- Reduces cramps, bloating and inflammation.

- Decreases  symptoms from sexually transmitted diseases. 


- Pre Products 

- Prayer or Mantra to create the ambiance. 

- Mimosas or Glass of Champagne. 

- Yoni Steaming with organic herbs and oils. 

- 30 mins to 1 hour of alone time and peaceful vibes. 

- Gift package  (Yoni pearls & herbs)