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Yoni Steaming or V-Steam

What is a Yoni Steam? 

A Yoni Steam (V-Steam) is a session of using herb-infused steam in a pot, flowing out through a hole in a seat that is comfortable enough to sit on top of. These services last about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the clients' needs and tolerance. 

Benefits ~ 

(How this service will be beneficial to the client)

* Vaginal Tightening 

* Vaginal Hydration 

* Increases fertility

* Promotes relaxation

* Reduces anxiety 

* Assists in UTI's, cramp pain, 

BV, yeast infections. etc. 

* Assists in improving pH balance

Contraindications ~ 

(Reasons that restrict a client from receiving this particular service) 

* Aunt Flo 

* Pregnancy 

* Birth Control (IUD implant)

* Bleeding/Spotting 

* ANY feelings of discomfort

* Claustrophobia (extreme)

* Herpes Simplex (cold sores)

Common Q&A's ~ 

 Q1: "What type of herbs do you use?"

A1: They vary depending on the type of blend needed. 

Q2: "Does it hurt/burn?" 

A2: "No. Everyone's pain tolerance is different, but I make sure you are as comfortable as possible."

Q3: "How to prepare for my appointment?" / "What to bring?"

A3: Please read before your appointment: 

* Form of ID

* A pair of socks (optional)

* Don't eat or drink anything hot before. 

* Wear loose, comfortable clothing, preferably a dress.

* If you need to cancel, please let me know before the 12-hour policy deadline!

What are customers saying?

Alizay was absolutely amazing. Very gentle and such a genuine person. She made me extremely comfortable and made good conversation throughout entire process. I will definitely be seeing her again. Thank you doll. 

~ Ashanti N. Swaby

Alizay Hickson, Touch Esthetics LLC